Myofunctional Therapy

Functioning in the Flint Hills is established from scientific, evidence-based methods to facilitate and guide all ages in achieving optimal function towards overall health when experiencing symptoms from orofacial myofunctional disorders. Find out how our services can benefit your symptoms, and get to the root cause.
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Orofacial Myology & Airway Health

Jessica Evangelidis, AAS, BLA, RDH, OM, has been in the dental profession for 22+ years. After discovering OMD's (Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders), and the relation to overall health, she is looking forward to guiding you toward your own personal airway health journey. Do you snore? Do you generally breathe through your mouth or are you unable to breathe through your nose? Do you bite/chew on objects such as nails, clothing, or pencils? Have you had or need orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth? Do you clench/grind your teeth? Do you constantly need dental treatment? Do you still feel tired with a full nights rest? Have you been diagnosed with ADHD? Do you have a forward head posture? Schedule a Consultation or an Initial Assessment Online and discover if Myofunctional Therapy is for YOU!
Jessica Evangelidis
Orofacial Myologist

Goal of Myofunctional Therapy

  • Education
  • Establish Proper Oral Resting Posture
  • Optimize Nasal Breathing
  • Noxious Habit Elimination
  • Guidance
  • Strengthening


  • Team Collaborative
  • Exercise-based therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Compassion Focused

Insurance Accepted

  • Unfortunately,
  • We do not bill insurance at this time.
  • Due to this, we keep our fees low
  • and are a self pay, fee for service
  • business


  • Initial 30 min Consultation: $25
  • Full Assessment with Report: $150
  • Program fee varies per Assessment: $1,200 - $2,400
  • Habit Elimination : $250
  • Modalities: $0 - $100
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